VEVO Sees Increase in Facebook Traffic


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Music video distribution service VEVO had said it planned to expand in 2012 back in March, and launched in 6 new countries, and also unveiled a redesign. And the new look and functionality has worked, as the platform has seen a 600% boost in Facebook-published content viewership.

VEVO's new player has taken advantage of Facebook's Open Graph, and saw six times as many Facebook-watched videos since February, putting the latest count at 4.5 million. New user regristration is also up by 142%, with the platfrom adding 500,000 new members. VEVO Facebook impressions were up 181% as well, at 171 million.

As a whole, VEVO logged 254 million video streams worldwide during Q1, 2012, a 32% jump from Q4, 2011. iPhone and iPad views were up as well, at 28% and 22% respectively. Engagement is also up as well, with viewers watching an average of 4.3 videos in March, up from 3.8 in February, spending 15.2 minutes on the site, up from 13.1.

Like all things associated with Facebook, there is typically a bump in exposure - thing is, it's not yet clear if the social network will figure out a way to better monetize this sort of thing, mainly via its ad content. It's IPO has turned into a bit of snafu, and its stocks are doing far less than stellar. Time will tell how things play out for the potential next Myspace.