Veterans Memorial in D.C. Won't Hamper Honor Flight

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The Veterans Memorial in Washington D.C. has seen its share of press over the past couple of weeks, as it has been closed, locked, and guarded, then protested, dismantled, and ignored. However, according to ABC, an Honor Flight from San Diego has assurance that the veterans on board will not be disappointed.

The daughter of San Diego veteran, Moses Martin, 92, told 10News the Honor Flight Network has been assured by the U.S. Parks Service that the veterans will have access to the memorial, even though many Washington, D.C. landmarks are closed to visitors due to the government shutdown. Martin was an aviation machinist for the Navy during the final years of World War II.

"I knew every part on those engines," he told 10News about his job. Although Martin said he never saw any action himself, he did lose friends in the war. "I would like to pay them a little respect." he said, and mentioned that he would like to find their names on the memorial.

The San Diego Honor Flight comes just days after Sunday's Million Veteran March to protest the government shutdown took place. On the groups website, it states,

"We do not care what political leanings you may be; be it liberal, conservative, Democrat, Republican, Libertarian, Independent or whatever. The actions of the U.S. government this week with regard to barricading and shutting down the World War II Memorial to veterans, that may or may not be on their last trip to Washington DC, is a despicable act of cowardice." News, Weather

Sunday's protest, in which both Ted Cruz and Sarah Palin attended and spoke, took place after World War II veterans moved barriers at a rally on Saturday, and the organization Truckers Ride for the Constitution drove around the Capitol Beltway at slow speeds all weekend. Both groups also were protesting the government shutdown.

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