Verizon Partners With StopBadWare To Protect Internet Users

IT Management

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Verizon said today it is partnering with the nonprofit organization StopBadWare to help protect Internet users from security threats like spyware, viruses and other malware.

During the next three years, the organizations will work together on issues ranging from educating small businesses about badware to developing approaches to help smartphone phone users protect their handsets.

StopBadware has previously worked to develop transparency, educational resources and an appeals process for websites blacklisted for having badware content. The organization also will soon release a set of best practices to help Web-hosting providers address reports of badware on their networks.

“We at StopBadware are eager to combine our own expertise with Verizon’s  to better defend Internet users,” StopBadware said in a blog post.

“We’re particularly excited about drawing on Verizon’s resources and knowledge to bolster conversation surrounding the mobile malware threat and innovative ways to combat it, like identifying new approaches to securing mobile handsets.”

Other companies that support StopBadWare include Google, Mozilla, PayPal, and Nominum.