Veena Malik: Does She Think "India Sucks"?


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Pakistani actress Veena Malik is reportedly in hot water over a hateful tweet posted.

Via Twitter account @iVeenaMalik, an unverified account, the actress is purported to have tweeted "India sucks!" to the world. This is kinda awkward considering the fact that Malik owes much of her fame to India.

The 30-year-old model/actress is known to many across India thanks to having appeared the Mumbai-based reality show Bigg Boss. It is an appearance that is credited with re-igniting a stalled career.

What would cause Malik to say something about a place that made her famous?

It's understood that the emotion behind the tweet was due to news that a German student was sexually assaulted by an autodriver in Delhi.

As you know, there is a great deal of negative press about the molestation and rape of women in India. It has led to a lot of negative opinions about the country in the international community.

Despite the alleged story behind the tweet, it has drawn a great deal of criticism from a number of individuals:

Malik has well over 116,000 followers, so it's easy to see how what she said managed to spread so fast.

In the end, the actress opted to do what many celebrities do when faced with Twitter backlash over an unpopular, potentially career-ruining comment. Instead of owning up to the tweet, Malik is saying that her Twitter account was hacked.

Malik is blaming ex-boyfriend Prashant Singh for the tweet. She told The Times of India:

My Twitter account was hacked in [December of last year] by my digital manager from India, Prashant...I had a three-year contract with his company, but after two years I chose to discontinue the association. [A]fter I got married, Prashant started blackmailing me. He started demanding money and said that he would not give me my account details otherwise.

Whether or not you believe what Malik has said, it's clear that the remark has gotten the world talking about her. This could explain why the tweet is still up on the account and why she recently retweeted an article about what happened.

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