Valentine's Day Is Good For Online Businesses


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Ah, Valentine's Day - the day where we spend money on those we love the most. It turns out that we're spending more and more on the ones we love which translates into big bucks for the businesses that promote the holiday.

Today's infographic, not to be confused with Saturday's other Valentine's Day themed infographic, comes from Monetate. They remind us that the younger we are, the more we celebrate the beloved (or accursed) holiday. There is also the fun fact that men spend more money than women on this sacred holiday of love. Lastly, it shows that discount stores enjoy the most business from Valentine's Day minded shoppers.

Online businesses are getting in on that love-induced money this year as well with 19.3 percent of holiday shoppers hitting up online stores for their shopping needs. This lovely infographic provides Web sites with some tips as to how they can maximize their sales on Valentine's Day.

As for me, these businesses will be getting all of my sales on the day after. Nothing says love like day after Valentine's Day candy.