Vanilla Ice To Record Album With Adam Sandler?

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In the upcoming Adam Sandler/Andy Samberg film "That's My Boy"--in which Sandler plays Samberg's partying, estranged father--'90s rapper Vanilla Ice plays himself and Sandler's best friend, and Ice has hinted that they may be partnering for something else.

Sandler plays a seen-better-days child actor named Donny Berger whose main claim to fame was getting his middle school teacher knocked up. The result is Samberg's character, Han Solo. If that premise doesn't sound funny enough for you, throw in a little V-Ice to the mix. The movie doesn't open until this Friday, but I'm sure there will be various references to his past rap career and (hopefully) fashion choices. And while Ice has been notoriously irked by references to his early days in music, he has since come to terms with it and--dare I say--embraced it.

"Why am I hating on all this?" he said after being asked about his ire. "This is the best thing that ever happened. We are who we are because of who we were."

Ice has been out of the musical spotlight for a while now but has enjoyed a modicum of success on reality shows, including "The Vanilla Ice Project", a real-estate based show on the DIY channel. Now, however, he's about to be thrust back into the prying gaze of Hollywood; his most notable film credits to date are "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Secret Of The Ooze" and "Cool As Ice" (if you haven't seen the latter, I suggest you do so. Right now. You can thank me later).

When asked in a recent interview if he would be collaborating with Adam Sandler on an album, Ice just smiled and said, "Wait and see," which in my mind means it's already in the works. Hopefully, if it comes about, it'll be funnier than Sandler's previous few tries at comedy. Here's hoping "That's My Boy" will be, too.

Amanda Crum
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