Vanessa Hudgens Tries To Be "As Ugly As Possible"


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Hollywood is buzzing over Vanessa Hudgens latest dramatic movie, Gimme Shelter, opening next weekend. The movie stars Hudgens as Apple, a pregnant 16-year-old who finds solace in a suburban shelter. The 24-year-old star recently discussed the role and the incredible transformation she took for this character - namely, a 15 pound weight gain and cutting off all her hair.

"It was really fun. because its so rare that you get to do that," she told E! News in an interview. "I put on 15 pounds, ate whatever I wanted. I'm not complaining. I cut off all my hair, which really set the tone. It was such a liberating thing."

After the haircut and the weight gain, Hudgens continued to make herself look "as ugly as possible," by changing her mannerisms, posture, and tone. "I wanted [Apple] to be strong and tough but broken," she says.

After shooting the film,Vanessa admits that shedding herself of the intense character change - including the weight - proved difficult. "After we were done, I didn't know how to act anymore, because I was so used to playing Apple. It took a lot of work. It was good because it made me that much stronger and I have to give myself a pat on the back for going that deep."

The scariest part of filming though? Giving birth on camera, a first for the actress. "I've never shot a birthing scene and I ended up popping blood vessels in my face," she confesses. "Probably the most physical and emotionally draining scene was my birthing scene."

You can check out the trailer for the movie below, and see it in theaters starting January 24th. The film also stars Rosario Dawson as her drug-addict mother and Brendan Frasier as her rich but absent father.

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