Vanessa Hudgens Excited About Starring in "Grease: Live," Initially Thought of Herself as More of a Sandy Than Rizzo

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Vanessa Hudgens stars in the upcoming Fox musical event Grease: Live in the role as Betty Rizzo. She admitted on Wednesday's episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live! that she long thought of herself as more of a Sandy than a Rizzo, but these days loves the role she is playing.

"I definitely watched [Grease] growing up. I feel like it always a part of my life," she told Jimmy Kimmel, admitting to once longing to play Sandy.

These days, however, Vanessa Hudgens is thrilled to be playing Rizzo.

"I mean, she's such an amazing part," she said. "Now that I'm older, I'm like, oh my God. She's tough. She's got grit."

Actors performing on live TV must have the kind of nerves those starring in Broadway productions experience. Vanessa Hudgens shared a story about a mishap during a recent rehearsal that definitely wouldn't translate well had the show been on the air.

"We were doing 'Sandra Dee' and I stepped on a bench in front of the bed and it flipped and I just fell on my butt so hard," she explained.

"People want you to mess up," she added.

"It's horrible," she continued. "You think you're dying, and someone wants you to mess up. They're like, 'Ha-ha, it’s so funny,' and you're like, 'I hurt!'"

Vanessa Hudgens became animated when chatting with Jimmy Kimmel about actress Didi Conn. She played Frenchie in the original film production of Grease, and will appear on Grease: Live as Vi the waitress.

"She's amazing. She's playing Vi," Hudgens said. "Vi is the waitress who works at the Frosty Palace who has a scene with Frenchie before 'Beauty School Dropout,' so it's amazing, it's like the generations staring at each other!"

She then perfectly imitated Conn's sing-songy voice for Jimmy Kimmel.

It's plain to see the excitement Vanessa Hudgens feels over starring in Grease: Live. Her years in High School Musical definitely helped prepare her for the role she is about to play.

Fans can see Vanessa Hudgens, Julianne Hough, Didi Conn, and more in Grease: Live on January 31 on Fox.

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