Vanessa Hudgens Describes Selena Gomez

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Vanessa Hudgens and Selena Gomez costarred in Spring Breakers a couple of years back. The two were also young Disney stars. Very recently during a question and answer session with MonioInsider she was asked to describe her friend and fellow actor--in five words. That's not exactly an easy thing to do. Read what Vanessa said about the Come & Get It singer and see if you could do as good a job if asked to describe one of your closest friends.

“Beautiful, talented, go-getter, loyal, gypsy,” Vanessa replied.

It's a bit uncertain of Gomez--believed to be relinked to pop singer Justin Bieber--has heard about the nice things Vanessa Hudgens said about her, but it certainly seems she'd be quite pleased. And who wouldn't? They're very complimentary terms.

Hudgens was spotted this week leaving her yoga class in California, where it appeared as though the weather is anything but suitable to those going on spring break. She was bundled up in a hoodie and boots, but still wore shorts.

Just a few days earlier the High School Musical, Gimme Shelter, and Machete Kills star posted a photo on Instagram of herself with two of her girlfriends showing off their sexy shades.

She captioned the photo, "My lovely lassies @Laura_New @nataliesaidi we're obvi obsessed with @WILDFOXCOUTURE sunglasses. Hahahahahahahha."

A day later she shared a tweet with a photo of herself getting very creative with exercise.

Not long after she was spotted showing off what has been dubbed "perfect L.A. street style" as seen in the video clip above.

Vanessa Hudgens is certainly a busy--and very stylish--young woman, even when she's not in the middle of shooting a film. She's obviously a person that lots of girls are happy to call a friend. And given how kind she was when asked to describe Selena Gomez--it's not hard to imagine why.

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