Vanessa Hudgens Defends BF, Promotes Movie

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Nobody better mess with Vanessa Hudgens’ man.

The actress let Jay Leno know to step off when he teased her about her hunky beau of two years, Austin Butler, at the show's taping on Wednesday. Leno called the super fit actor a “big fat guy.” This didn’t sit too well with Hudgens.

Leno continued with the ribbing by saying, “You know, I saw a picture of that guy. I don’t get it.” Meanwhile, a picture of her bf showing off his six-pack abs in board shorts was aired on the screen.

Hudgens countered back with a surprised, “You don’t get it?”

The actress went on to say how “amazing” her main man is, after telling Leno to take the scantily clad picture of Butler down, stating that he would be “terrified” if he was sitting there with her.

Check out the interview:

Of course, the teasing was all in good fun and Leno and Hudgens shared a laugh. Hudgens was promoting her new movie Gimme Shelter, in which she plays Apple, a homeless, 16-year-old mother-to-be. The former High School Musical star enjoyed the transformation she underwent for the role.

"It was fun, it was really fun,” the 25-year-old said in an interview. “Just because it’s so rare that you get to do that. I put on 15 pounds, ate whatever I wanted. I'm not complaining. I cut off all my hair, which really set the tone. It was such a liberating thing and kinda reminded me—if I can do that, I can do this."

See Hudgens talk about the change, here:

The actress went on to describe how she changed her mannerisms and voice to make her seem as “ugly as possible.” Surprisingly, Hudgens had a difficult time breaking away from character after filming was over.

"I think I unconsciously stayed in character the entire time that we were filming, so soon as we were done, I didn't know how to act anymore, because I was so used to playing Apple,” she said. “She was my security shield. I had to work really hard at finding myself again."

Gimme Shelter hits theaters on January 24.

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