Valentine's Day: What Women Really Want

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Valentines day is just a little over a week away and many men are rushing to find the perfect gift for their wives and girlfriends. Most guys think women are hard to shop for and many stress out about what to buy for Valentines Day. Before you get too frustrated guys, take a deep breath and consider some of these gifts that are sure to please any woman.

Yes, flowers are one of the more common and obvious gifts for Valentine's Day and you may have wanted to be more creative, but choosing the right flowers can make a big difference. Sure you can spend a small fortune and buy your girl a dozen roses, but who hasn't done that and is it really worth spending all that money on something that will just die in a few days? Instead, why not buy a nice vase and fill it with artificial flowers that will last forever. Choose your girl's favorite or surprise her and match the flowers with her living room or bedroom décor.

Weekend Getaway
Women like romance, especially on Valentine's Day, so why not take the special lady in your life on a romantic getaway. Rent a secluded cabin, fancy hotel room or take her on the vacation of her dreams. Be sure to decorate the room and order your girl's favorite wine or dessert to make the trip extra special.

While jewelry is an easy gift for men who are married or have been in a relationship for a long time, if you are just dating or are not yet serious, buying jewelry can be a nerve-wracking experience. Should you buy a ring? Will she think it's any engagement ring? Should you buy a diamond? Make it easy on yourself and don't buy a ring for Valentine's Day. Choose a necklace, bracelet or earrings instead. These gifts are less formal and your girl will love them just the same.

If there is one thing women love, it's watching their man clean. If you really want to sweep your woman off her feet, let her take Valentine's Day weekend off and do all of the housework for her. You can do other small favors such as washing her car, doing the grocery shopping or putting away laundry instead. Not only is this an inexpensive gift option, it will probably be the one your wife or girlfriend likes the best.

Women don't have to be hard to please on Valentine's Day, as long as you skip the cliché gifts and think about the things your woman would really want. Good luck guys!

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