Valentine's Day Slam: Vote For Your Favorite YouTube Proposal Videos

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Anyone who's been the proposer in a mariage proposal situation knows it's anything but a game. Sure, the proposee can be put in an awkward position by the whole thing, and that sucks. But for the proposer, the marriage proposal is the culmination of weeks and weeks of night sweat-inducing anxiety and oftentimes months of elaborate planning. No, my friends, it's no game.

But this Valentine's season, you can make the marriage proposals of strangers a game on YouTube.

Check out Valentine's Day Slam to watch tons of proposal videos from YouTube. There, you can pit two proposals side-by-side and vote on which one is better at tugging on the ol' heartstrings.

The Valentine's Day Slam is the latest episode of YouTube Slam, launched back in December of 2011. Slam was launched as a way for Youtube users to find the next big viral hit. The premise is simple: two videos are viewed side-by-side and users vote. The videos are scored based on those votes and the best videos are then featured on the "slam leaderboard." Past slams have included "Bizarre Slam," "Cute Slam," and "Dance Slam."

But now you're voting on proposals. If you vote for the video that's the more popular of the two with other YouTube Slam voters, you'll receive points. With every correct pick in a row, you'll rack up a multiplier bonus.

As of right now, these are your top three proposal videos (in order):

The top player has 276 points, so you better get to the shooting down of random strangers' big moments!

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