Val Kilmer Rushed Into Surgery For Throat Tumor

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Val Kilmer was rushed to the hospital this past Monday after experiencing bleeding from his throat.

The Top Gun actor quickly underwent surgery to remove a throat tumor at UCLA Medical Center, Santa Monica and is now recovering.

Suspicion about Val Kilmer's condition has been swirling recently as the actor has made public appearances looking way thinner than he used to.

Val Kilmer was formerly ridiculed for his impressive weight gain. Some in the media dubbed him "Fatman", a mean tribute to his stint as Batman.

However, just last month, Val Kilmer was spotted shopping at a Levi's store in Malibu and swimming in his clothes.

TMZ reported that the slim down was no big deal and attributed it to Val Kilmer realizing he had let himself go.

TMZ said, "There was no personal chef or magic diet pill ... just healthy eating and exercise, especially long walks on the beach by his home in Malibu ... which doesn't suck."

Right. But, in light of recent events, some are wondering if the slim down was due to a health condition.

Val Kilmer has been suffering with a throat tumor for some time now, and his family is reportedly upset that he has been ignoring warning signs.

Well, it seems Val Kilmer may have waited a little too long.

"We received a call at 11:31 p.m. from that address," a spokesperson for the Santa Monica Fire Department says. "He was transported ALS [advanced life support] to the hospital."

Apparently, ALS differs from regular ambulance services because they can administer IVs, more medications, and other support. Private ambulances respond to more minor injuries.

The spokesperson added, "It's not uncommon for an ALS crew to respond to an incident."

Here's hoping Val Kilmer can make a fast and full recovery!

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