Vadym Kholodenko: Wife Sought Mental Help Before Allegedly Murdering Their Two Daughters

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Vadym Kholodenko's estranged wife, who has been charged with murdering the couple's two daughters, five and one, sought help for mental issues the day before allegedly committing the unthinkable.

All of Forth Worth, Texas is still in shock over the murders of the little girls by their mother, but now there may be an explanation.

It seems Vadym Kholodenko's estranged wife, Sofya Tsygankova, was mentally struggling. In fact, police now say that she visited a mental health facility the day before committing the awful crime last Thursday.

Vadym Kholodenko walked in on the grisly scene last Thursday when he was supposed to pick up the girls. He hadn't been living in the family's home since he and his wife seperated.

Police reports indicate that Vadym Kholodenko first saw his wife in a closet, covered in blood and rocking back and forth. She had suffered knife wounds on her wrists and chest.

Detectives later found the girls, in separate bedrooms, in their beds. They appeared to have been dead for a while and one had a pillow on or near her face.

An empty prescription bottle of the anti-psychotic drug Quetiapine was found on the kitchen counter. She told police at the scene that she remembered putting her five-year-old daughter, Nika, to sleep and seeing her one-year-old daughter, Michela, asleep in her crib.

She also remembered hurting herself with the knife and taking the pills, but asked police if she's done anything bad to her daughters.

Police say Vadym Kholodenko's wife said she "didn't see any future for me and my kids."

What do you think drove Vadym Kholodenko's wife to murder her children?

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