uTorrent Android App In The Works

Josh WolfordIT Management

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Android users may very well be seeding and leeching right from their mobile devices pretty soon. TorrentFreak is reporting that the uTorrent dev team is currently working on a uTorrent app for Android.

uTorrent owners BitTorrent Inc. had little to say about the upcoming app - only that it's in the works and they don't have any more to say on a possible release date:

“Like any software company, we know a mobile experience is really important to our users," they said. “At this point, we don’t yet have an ETA."

Apparently, the app would be a full-fledged version of uTorrent - the most popular BitTorrent client in the world. According to the report, it would have all of the same functionality as the desktop version.

This would be a full-functioning native app - the first of its kind as far as bittorrent clients go. The app would be different than the uTorrent Remote, which is currently available for download in the Android Market. That app allows you to connect to your desktop uTorrent client and control your torrents from your mobile device. You can use the app to search for torrents as well, but they will be added to your desktop uTorrent. You can even shift your completed downloads back to your device for playback. But all the work is being done on your desktop. The new uTorrent app would make this all possible on your Android phone or tablet.

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