Utah Family Found Dead: Police Say Likely Poisoned


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Last month a Utah couple, Benjamin and Kristi Strack, and three of their children were found dead in their home. Police were not sure how the family died but after investigating the home they said they did not die violently.

The police now believe that the family was poisoned, but have not yet said who is responsible for the poisoning.

The bodies of the family members were found by Kristi’s oldest son and her mother.

The older son and his girlfriend were home the night the family died and the girlfriend said she had seen Kristi earlier that day.

The older son and his girlfriend returned home after an outing and found the house quiet, the master bedroom door shut and locked and all of the family’s cars in the driveway. When they called out to the family, nobody answered and the boy called Kristi’s mother to come over and help them.

Together, they managed to get the bedroom door open, where they saw the family dead and all lying in the same bed.

Police were called and investigated the scene. They allegedly found several different types of liquids, cold medication and various drugs including methadone pills and marijuana in the same room as the bodies.

The bodies of the children were tucked into the bed carefully and police believe that they were positioned after death.

Police are waiting on the results of more tests to determine who may have poisoned the family.

"Until I get those, I really don't have anything," Springville police Lt. Dave Caron said according to Fox News. "I could come up with all sorts of theories, but it's not helpful."

The town where the family lived held a vigil for the family and are hoping for some answers about their deaths soon.