Utah Family Found Dead, Poison Suspected


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One month ago Springville, Utah police began investigating the bizarre and disturbing deaths of a family. According to a Salt Lake Tribune report, Benjamin and Kristi Strack were found dead in their home on September 27. Three of their children - 14, 12, and 11 years old - were also found dead in the home. The family was found by the children's grandmother and the Strack's lone surviving son.

At the time Springville police had said there were no signs of trauma or violence inside the house. Autopsies also showed that the deaths of the family were not violent.

Initially police had voiced concern that carbon monoxide could be responsible for the deaths, despite the fact that none of the gas was detected and the Strack's pets were still alive. Now Springfield police have released new details surrounding the deaths.

The Salt Lake Tribune is quoting Springfield police as saying the deaths were probably not accidental. Five members of a family dead would be suspicious enough, but according to police the three dead children were arranged in a specific way after their deaths. Each child was found in the home's master bedroom covered with bedding. Cups of "colored fluid" were sitting next to them. In an affidavit, police also wrote that Kristi Strack had a "red liquid substance" coming from her mouth when she was found.

In addition, police found a pitcher of "red juice" and a bucket of "yellow liquid" inside the house. Ten empty boxes of nighttime cold and flu medicine and two empty boxes of antihistamine medication were also found in a trash bag.

Despite what appears to be a case of poisoning, Springfield police are still waiting on a toxicology report to confirm the cause of the deaths. According to police reports Kristi Strack's mother (who found the bodies) was adamant that carbon monoxide was not the cause of death and was distraught that her daughter "would do this to the kids."