Use the Coachella Lineup to Check Your Hipster Level

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As you may know, Coachella released its lineup last week. If you were on the interwebs at all, you probably heard a lot of "Stone Roses? Stone Roses?" You wanna be adored? You may want to stay home from Coachella, as most of the 18 year-olds have no idea who you are. Of course, that's not a rip on The Stone Roses, and more of a rip on the dumbasses who bitch about them on Twitter.

But I digress. Any festival lineup is going to have its supporters and its detractors. Coachella 2013 has some great acts, and some less inspiring acts. That's the way it's gonna be.

Luckily, we can use the Coachella lineup to determine a person's hipster cred, although we can't really figure out which end of the spectrum is more desirable. Sometimes it's nice to be a "disgusting mainstream whore." Unless you're "pure filth hipster scum," in which case it's so mainstream to kind of like the mainstream.

It's simple - you're assigned positive of negative points for every band in the festival that you like. Red Hot Chili Peppers are the most offensive to hipster, with a score of -10. If you find yourself liking bands like the Wombats, Cassy, and Sam XL Pure Filth Sound, you're going to skyrocket up the hipster chart.


[Endless Origami via The Daily What] [Photo courtesy JohnnyCashsAshes, Flickr]
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