Usain Bolt Anchors Record-Breaking Race At Commonwealth Games

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In Glasgow on Saturday, Usain Bolt once again led his 4x100 meters relay team to win another gold for Jamaica at the Commonwealth Games. The six-time Olympic champion ran the last stretch of the relay race to make a Games record of 37.58 seconds for his country’s team, wowing the crowd at Hampden Park, where the event was held.

This is the first Commonwealth medal for Bolt, an achievement he had been eager to make, saying that the Games had always been on his “to-do list”. He had been hoping to run an individual event but had to settle for the 4x100 meters relay because he was injured.

Bolt led the Jamaican relay team composed of Jason Livermore, Kemar Bailey-Cole and Nickel Ashmeade through a race made difficult by adverse weather conditions that made puddles on the track. After claiming victory, the celebrated athlete charmed fans by performing his “lightning bolt” celebration. “It’s always great to have fun with the fans. They made the Games what it was. They are so warm, even when I was cold they were always warm,” he said.

Bolt was part of the Jamaican team that broke the world record for the 4x100 meters relay in the 2012 London Games, but he also won gold in the 2008 Olympics in Beijing for the same race and hopes to do it again in Rio de Janeiro in 2016.

His next goal is to break his world record for the 200-meter run, which is 19.19 seconds. Bolt set this record five years ago in Berlin. At the moment, the only sprinter that can realistically break this record is Bolt himself. “I've said I want to run sub 19. That's one of my biggest goals and my biggest dreams, so I'm definitely going to be training hard and seeing what I can do.”

Jamaican relay team anchored by Usain Bolt sets record of 37.58 sec. at Commonwealth Games

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