US Airways Expanding Wi-Fi: Demand Up!


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Lets be honest, air travel is pretty boring. Sure, if you are a first time flyer it can be exciting, but that quickly wears off and you start shuffling through the junk mail in the seat pockets ahead of you. Well it doesn't have to be that way.

Demand for in-flight wi-fi is on the rise and has doubled since 2010. Hanging at about eight percent, experts say it should reach ten percent by the end of the year. Many of the flights have wi-fi provided by Gogo Inc. They basically cover all the big guys; Delta, American, Alaska, Virgin America.

If you are interested in their service it will cost you about $5 for a ninety minute session. For those who are frequent flyers, a monthly subscription will run you about $40. This doesn't sound too bad, especially considering there's not much to do during flight anyway.

So the latest news about w-fi comes from Gogo Inc. and US Airways. US Airways wants to get Wi-Fi capability on almost all their flights and they want Gogo to help them out. Slated to begin this sumer, many crafts will get ATG-4 wi-fi treatment, which features increased data capability and streaming services.

US Airways' senior vice president of marketing and planning, Andrew Nocella comments on the upgrades:

"US Airways is excited to bring entertainment to the skies and enhance our inflight experience for both business and leisure travelers,"

"Not only are we ensuring customers stay connected on more of our flights with the expansion of Gogo Wi-Fi, but we are placing customers in the pilot's seat of their entertainment experience with Gogo Vision."

Michael Small, Gogo's president and CEO comments on the new relationship with US Airways:

"We are excited at the opportunity to connect more US Airways passengers through the expansion of Gogo and look forward to offering them access to Gogo Vision through the new multimedia platform,"

"The new platform will give US Airways passengers access to myriad online entertainment options, all of which will be available by opening the browser on their Wi-Fi enabled device."

Sounds like travel will be a little easier to bear with the addition of these services. I hear complaints that flying isn't what it used to be, but perhaps this will bring back some of the excitement. If anything, a flight can be a chance to get away and maybe catch a good movie streaming off the wi-fi.