UPS, FedEx Scramble to Ship Late Christmas Packages

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Package handlers UPS and FedEx have trucks running rapid today after their near-catastrophic delivery debacle that left thousands of customers around the country without Christmas gifts.

The package handlers are looking to get un-delivered items up and out as soon as possible in an effort to appease angry customers. The debacle which has been coined under the hashtag #UPSFail all started days before Christmas when customers started complaining that they hadn't received packages scheduled for guaranteed delivery.

Then, as the days drew closer toward the big holiday, the massive shipping conglomerate's backlog left a substantial number of Americans without.

"We're terribly sorry," UPS spokeswoman, Natalie Black said to CNN. Although UPS has been under fire all week for the mishap, they aren't the only package handler with the delivery problem. UPS also took to Twitter with service updates to keep customers informed.

According to CNN, FedEx also had issues with a number of deliveries. On Christmas day, FedEx representative Scott Fiedler issued a brief statement to The Associated Press. Fiedler simply said, "We're sorry that there could be delays and we're contacting affected customers who have shipments available for pickup."

However, in a statement on Thursday, the global courier deftly clarified that their minute issues all derived from "isolated incidents".

The United States Postal Service offered no immediate indication of whether customers could expect delays. However, an evasive statement was rendered by USPS spokeswoman Zy Richardson. "We take great pride in delivering packages for our customers in time for their holiday," Richardson stated in an email. "Our carriers continued to deliver mail on Christmas Day, in many locations, to make sure everyone enjoyed their holiday."

UPS, on the other hand, only carried out package sorting assignments on Christmas day. No deliveries were made in an effort to relieve drivers after the past week's spike in package delivers.

Both UPS and FedEx stated that hundreds of millions of packages were to be shipped and delivered. The package handling companies also expressed that the condensed shopping time frame between Thanksgiving and Christmas, as the Thanksgiving holiday was a week later this year.

The ice storm which caused the severe weather delay in Dallas, along with overloaded backlog systems also played a dominant role in the massive delay.

Image via Twitter | FedEx

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