University of Oregon Students Shocking Viral Video


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Thanks to Reddit, a video of University of Oregon students abusing a hapless driver has managed to spread across the internet. The video shows students enjoying the winter weather with the time honored tradition of snowball fighting. However, it becomes clear as the video rolls that what seems like harmless mischief is increasingly malicious in nature. A car is forced to a standstill by students who refuse to allow the driver, retired UO professor Sherwin Simmons, to go past.

After having enough of the annoying shenanigans, he opens his door. It's clear he intends to demand the unruly young mob get out of the way. Incredibly, a bucket of snow is thrown directly into his car. The retired professor attempts to confront the disrespectful students. The crowd retreats, as others continue to pelt him with snowballs from a safe distance.

Eventually the video makes it online, earning over a million views within a couple of days.

The University's Dean of Students has released a statement saying that the college police department is investigating the incident. The naming and shaming of participants has left many on and off campus hoping that an example is made. Simmons has said he will not press charges.

While the online community is shocked and appalled at the treatment of a teacher by students, there is a great deal of cynicism regarding any reprimanding of participants, especially athletes. Says one student, "Football is UO's meal ticket. The university likely pressured him to not pursue charges."

Image: Daily Emerald Youtube