United States No Longer Leader of Retweeted Tweets on Twitter

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In what I can only describe as an informal poll of sorts, it appears that the United States is no longer a leader when it comes to Top Tweets on Twitter that are being Retweeted. Take a look at the last seven days of data from Tweetmeme and you will see that the majority of all of the retweets on Twitter are not Tweets that originated from the United States or English-speaking Twitter accounts.

I took a look at the last 7 days of Twitter retweet data according to Tweetmeme and found that only one of the top 15 tweets that were retweeted the most actually had some English in them. I could only find one that I could personally understand, mainly because I only speak English. The top tweets in the past 7 days that are being tracked by Tweetmeme are mostly in Japanese.

At first glance, it appears that the top 15 tweets in the past 7 days were retweeted at least 10,000 times, with many having been retweeted at least 15,000 times. There are major differences, however, when it comes to the categories of Tweets and the language:

Comedy – English

Entertainment – English

Gaming – English

Lifestyle – English

Technology – English

There also appears to be a significant amount of difference between the top overall Tweets in the past 7 days (many have at least 15,000 retweets as previously mentioned) and those that are in the Technology category, for example. The Technology-related top tweets, mainly in English, have been retweeted about 1500 times or more.

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