Unboxing Video of the Samsung Galaxy S III

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Thanks to the guys over at the HD Blog TV YouTube channel, there are some new videos of the highly-anticipated Samsung Galaxy S III in circulation. However, unless you are fluent in Italian, you may not get much out of them, except for the knowledge that Samsung's string of of developing impressive Android phones looks like it's continuing.

Aside from the unboxing video that leads the post, there's also video demonstrating the S III's voice command capability. While this video features the Italian language, it does give us an idea of how effective Samsung's voice technology is. It also gives us an idea of how Samsung's "Siri clone" works. They say imitation is the best form of flattery, and while that may be true, it will probably lead to another round of lawsuits between Samsung and Apple:

The final video from the HD Blog is a comparison/contrast session with the Galaxy S III and the LG Optimus 4X. Again, you don't need to understand Italian to see the differences (and similarities) between the devices.

As a current Galaxy S II owner, allow me to say I prefer the squared edges of the S II over the rounded edges of the S III. Yes, that is purely a cosmetic preference, but it did stand out to me. Is that a deal breaker? For some, it very well could be. People didn't run out and buy the white iPhone because it was more functional than the black one. Visual appeal definitely counts for something, perhaps even a lot.

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