Ultra Street Fighter IV Is Like The Wayback Machine Of Fighting Games

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Fighting games are constantly evolving in the name of balance. One character might be too powerful while others aren't powerful enough. It's inevitable then that some players will be unhappy when powerful characters get nerfed in later versions. Capcom is finally giving those players an outlet in the latest incarnation of Street Fighter IV.

Capcom unveiled this weekend that Ultra Street Fighter IV will have a new option called Edition Select. It will allow players to play as characters from any of the previous incarnations of Street Fighter IV. Want to play as Ryu from Vanilla Street Fighter IV versus Yun from Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition? You can totally do that.

So, how will this affect tournaments and online play? It won't. According to the Japanese Capcom blog, Edition Select will not be available for use in online play which is a pretty good indicator that it also won't be available in official tournament play. On the other hand, casual tournaments will probably welcome the use of past versions of characters.

Ultra Street Fighter IV will be available later this year for Xbox 360 and PS3. There have been teases that a PS4 version is also in the works, but that's still just a rumor for now.

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