Ultra HD PC Monitor Market Seen Rising

IT Management

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Ultra HD TV sets were the main attraction at this year's Consumer Electronics Show. TV manufacturers are hoping that higher resolutions can entice consumers who were so apathetic about 3D over the past two years and prices for ultra HD TV sets are set to fall quickly.

As a side effect of this 4K TV and content craze, desktop PC users will also be seeing more ultra HD monitors for more affordable prices. Market research firm NPD DisplaySearch today released a new report showing that ultra HD monitor shipments are set to increase over in the coming years.

According to the report, ultra HD monitor shipments are forecasted to reach two million this year. This is despite the fact that the overall desktop monitor market is predicted to decline to just 133 million units shipped in 2014. Both of these trends are set to continue into the future, with ultra HD monitors predicted to reach 8% market penetration by the year 2017. Over the same period average sale prices for ultra HD monitors are set to drop, from an estimated $1,347 this year to just $927 in 2017.

“Increased 4K-class monitor shipment volume will depend on how far and how fast ASPs decline,” said Hidetoshi Himuro, director of PC and IT research at DisplaySearch. “Although manufacturers hope to raise prices for 4K-enabled monitors, price competition has already begun.”