Ukelele Goes Futuristic With iPhone & iPad

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April 2012 wil bring iPad and iPhone users a musical treat. Futulele is a ukelele synthesizer for the iPhone and iPad. The software app is made possible by Amidio's top-ranked guitar app OMGuitar. The app is said to be touch sensitive and captures the nuances of real ukelele performances while offering a novel experience to Apple product users.

The app features full recording and arranging capability and can be operated via a special holder that utilizes the iPod Touch or iPhone and iPad at the same time to create the instrument. The app will also function with the iPad 3.

Toyo on Amidio Futulele Newsblog commented on the new Futulele:

"We have managed to reduce the chord switch lag to a minimum level and capture every little nuance of a high-grade professional Ukulele instrument. You can use up to 12 chords for each song, and change chord sets on the fly. Full recording and sharing possibilities come straight from OMGuitar, as well as the effects section."

"Trying to reflect the obvious connections between the future and the past, we have chosen the famous Elvis Presley’s song “Can’t Help Falling In Love” (1961) as the title song for introducing the potential new-born urban legend instrument."

Check out the video below to see the ukelele synthesizer in action:

Looks really cool! I'm sure it will be a big hit with Apple users. It's a unique musical experience that brings musical production to a larger audience and perhaps spurs-on greater interest in real versions of the Hawaiian classical instrument. Look for it early in April.

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