Ubisoft Launches Watch Dogs "WeareData" Website


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The concept for Ubisoft's upcoming Watch Dogs is relatively simple. It's a Grand Theft Auto-style open world game with the added benefit that the player can find and hack various electronic systems around a futuristic Chicago. The ability to hack can affect traffic systems, hinder police, create blackouts, and even spy on individuals' smartphones. The concept isn't too far-fetched, and the setting of the game seems to be only a few years away from reality. Even so, Ubisoft is continuing with its marketing tactic of trying to scare everyone by demonstrating just how connected the world is.

The publisher today launched its new "WeareData" website, where anyone can visualize the publicly available data in a few major world cities. The site shows real-time data, from social media check-ins to the location of security cameras. In addition to showin Foursquare check-ins and the locations of tweets, Traffic lights, mobile phone networks, and even the current location of subway lines are shown on the interactive map. Stats for the various areas of each city are also shown.

The experience of browsing the site is hard to describe, but it really does give a sense of just how much public data is available at any given time. Three cities are currently available - Paris, Berlin, and London. Ubisoft has released a trailer for the site, but it's best experienced by just exploring it a bit.