Uber, Lyft Finally Launch in Las Vegas

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After obtaining the proper state permits from the Nevada Transportation Authority earlier this week, both Uber and Lyft have announced they are finally available in Las Vegas.

"Yesterday, we were officially permitted to operate by the state of Nevada by the Nevada Transportation Authority and now we are live," said Eva Behrend, a spokeswoman for Uber. "We are excited to be a part of the Nevada community and to offer another option for people from Henderson to North Las Vegas to Reno to connect with a safe, reliable, convenient ride at the touch of a button."

"We’ve had our eye on Las Vegas for a long time, and we’re so excited to finally be a part of the city. There’s no shortage of incredible things to see in Vegas, like famous pop divas, title fights, the Neon Museum...The list goes on. And now, Lyft is ready to make sure you can get to every last one, easily and affordably," says Lyft.

Las Vegas was one of the last major US cities without an Uber or Lyft presence.

Though both on-demand ride companies are now operating in the city, neither will be able to transport passenger to and from McCarran International Airport.

This is the first time Lyft has ever operated in the state, but it's a reintroduction for Uber. The company first launched there in 2014 but was banned in November.

The Las Vegas Review-Journal says Clark County still had some questions for the companies and asked them to wait until late October to begin operations – a request that was obviously denied.

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