Uber Cats - Kitten Delivery Just In Time For National Cat Day


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Are you a cat lover? Do you appreciate a low purr as opposed to a loud growl? If so, you should be celebrating National Cat Day. Ready to adopt a new kitten to complete your family? There are thousands of cats available in shelters across the country, just waiting on someone to adopt and love them forever.

Uber, a popular taxi service decided to celebrate National Cat Day by helping orphaned kittens find homes. Between 11 a.m. and 4 p.m. on Tuesday, Uber was delivering kittens to users in San Francisco, Seattle and New York. The Uber app made ordering your new kitten easy and convenient. By clicking or tapping a button labeled KITTENS, users could have a kitten delivered right to their door. The cost of the kitten delivery service was only $20 and the money made was donated to shelters.

"The Internet is made for kittens," Uber wrote in its press release.

The service was so popular, that Uber ran out of kittens and not everyone was able to have a furbaby delivered on National Cat Day. Although Uber did not comment on the kitten shortage, they did offer a $10 credit to everyone who requested a kitten but did not receive one.

The kitten delivery stunt may have sparked an interested in shelter pets and can hopefully help save the lives of many kittens. Kittens, cats and other animals can be adopted from shelters and rescues anytime and it is always better to rescue a pet in need instead of buying one from a backyard breeder.

Image from Wikimedia Commons.