U.S. vs Ghana: Third Time The Charm?


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I confess that I watched with a certain amount of glee when Ghana saw their World Cup hopes dashed to pieces by Uruguay in 2010.

It was the bitterness of an American football fan who saw the United States advance from the group stage in South Africa, only to lose to Ghana. Again.

Ghana has knocked out the United States in two consecutive World Cups. As someone who has been through this disappointment before, I really don’t care about Germany or Portugal.

That’s quite the confession considering these teams are the major heavyweights in our group, the pair that seems the most likely to advance from Group G.

Portugal boasts of having a capable captain and goal scorer in Cristiano Ronaldo. Germany was a stone’s throw away from advancing to the finals in in the 2010 World Cup.

They’re certainly not teams to dismiss...Ever.

My momentary indifference towards these high caliber teams isn't a dismissal of their abilities. I just couldn’t care less about either of those opponents at the moment.

Right now it’s all about Ghana and whether or not the United States will FINALLY step up and collect a win.

A small desperate part of me would be happy with a draw. After all, collecting a point would be only slightly less humiliating than a three game shutout, which isn't exactly beyond the realm of possibility.

At least taking a point away from Ghana would see us break the spell and leave with a bit of dignity.

However, I feel strongly that it’s not enough to go halfway. The US men’s team needs to beat their rivals in this opening Brazil fixture. This team must outscore Ghana and bring an end to this losing streak once and for all.

Walking away from the “Group of Death” with at least a win over Ghana would be a small victory that I’d gladly accept.

Yes that sounds pathetic in the grand scheme of things, but I’ve always been pragmatic about the United States' chances given their World Cup history.

I don’t hold any illusions that this American team could win the tournament. I’d be utterly stunned if it somehow limped out of Group G and into the knockout phase.

Beating Ghana MUST be the main objective.

Who knows? Getting a result could be enough of a pick me up to guide the United States to a shocking upset of either Germany or Portugal.

A girl can dream, can't she?

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