Tyler, The Creator Takes The Blame For Bieber

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Tyler, The Creator has set the internet abuzz this week after taking responsibility for reckless driving in Justin Bieber's Ferrari.

When Bieber allegedly drove his sports car at high speeds through an L.A. neighborhood, former NFL player Keyshawn Johnson took it upon himself to follow the pop star to his home and then weighed in on the matter to TMZ.

“As celebrities, we want our peace of mind,” Johnson said. “We try to get behind gates so we can enjoy our families and enjoy our lifestyles. But you got a 19-year old kid, feeling entitled, speeding up and down … then you got him spitting on people in the neighborhood–you can’t do that!”

Following the backlash, Tyler, The Creator took to Twitter to announce that he was driving, not Bieber...but Johnson doesn't believe it for a second.

“Look man, I know the difference between a black kid driving a car and a white kid driving a car,” Johnson said. “[Bieber] was sitting in the driver’s seat.

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