Two Shot At Funeral For Alleged Gang Member

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Residents of a Chicago neighborhood are shocked and grieving today after shots rang out during a funeral for a young man who allegedly had ties to a gang.

James Holman, 32, was shot and killed last week during what police believe was a gang-related dispute; he was reportedly a member of the Gangster Disciples, but officials say they can't yet link his death to gang activity. However, after shots were fired inside the church where his funeral took place yesterday, they may have more clues as to what happened.

Witnesses say the gunshots went off as the service was ending, fatally wounding 21-year old Sherman Miller and leaving 26-year old Deonte Ousley in critical condition. One woman said she saw the shooter enter the church, fire off several rounds, then run out and drop the gun behind him.

“Can you imagine 1,200 people in a church and everybody’s running? It was awful. We had babies crying,” witness Deborah Echols Moore said.

Residents in the area say they fear the gun violence will never stop, especially if it has now filtered into sacred church space during a time of mourning.

"This has to stop. If it's happening at funerals, it's going to continue to happen," witness April Smith said.

An investigation is still ongoing; no arrests have been made.

Amanda Crum
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