Twitter's Mobile Apps Now Warn You of 'Sensitive Media' inside Tweets

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Twitter, unlike Facebook, doesn't censor much of its "sensitive" content. It's not hard to find gratuitous nudity, violent images, and even outright pornographic content on the network. "We do not mediate content, whether that content is an image or text," says Twitter. And the only exception to that rule comes when said content is illegal.

But that doesn't mean that Twitter doesn't want to protect some users from this "sensitive" content.

To that end, Twitter has begun to display a warning message on tweets containing possibly sensitive media - this includes nudity, violence, medical procedures, and anything else that could be deemed "adult-oriented." The message is displayed where the image should be when users open up a tweet in the company's mobile apps, and it warns that "the following media may contain sensitive material."

Users then have to click through to see the media.

There are basically two ways that your media could be marked as sensitive. First, you can do it yourself. In your settings, you can mark your own media as possibly containing sensitive content. If you do this, that new message will be shown to users whenever you tweet out something containing media. The other way that your content could be marked as sensitive is if other Twitter users flag it as such.

All Things D confirmed with Twitter than the new sensitive materials stopgap came to both Twitter for iOS and Android in updates earlier this month.

On the other side of things, you can tool your settings to allow sensitive content to show up without this warning message. But the default is to show the warning.

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