Twitter's Autoplay Video App Ads Open to All Advertisers

Josh WolfordMarketing & Advertising

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Twitter has rolled out the video App Card to all advertisers running mobile app promotion campaigns.

That means if you're advertising a mobile app, you can now do so with video ads – which will autoplay in users' timelines.

According to Twitter, beta tests found that these video app ads helped boost the quality of user and jumpstarted app installs by up the three times.

"Attract higher quality app installs: The Video App Card shows people a preview of your app, resulting in a more educated — and more qualified - user. In beta, we saw that this highly engaging format helped some advertisers nearly triple their conversion rate from app click to install (Source: Twitter internal data)," says Twitter.

Twitter also says that 82% of Twitter users watch videos on the site, and 90% of them come from mobile.

Twitter first announced the Video App Card back in July, alongside some other features for advertisers including optimized action bidding and cost per install bidding.

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