Twitter Will Soon Add Native Photo Filtering [REPORT]

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Across the entirety of Twitter, you're likely to stumble upon plenty of tweets containing photos, and a large percentage of those photos will include some sort of filter. I mean, your lunch simply doesn't look epic enough without a sepia tone to it. But if you see a filtered photo while browsing Twitter, it's highly likely that it comes from Instagram (or another third-party service, to a much lesser degree).

Apparently, Twitter wants to change that. According to the New York Times, Twitter is currently building a way for users to add filters to their photos uploaded via Twitter image-hosting.

The NYT cites anonymous sources inside the company who say that Twitter will add the photo filtering functionality to their mobile apps "in the coming months."

Why would Twitter want to build photo filtering into its apps? Well, all you have to do is take a look at the massive popularity of Instagram to answer that question. Oh, and you probably remember that Instagram is now a property of some other social network.

Of course, every time a user takes a photo with Instagram and then shares it on Twitter, the company loses a chance to take out the middleman and simply make more aspects of Twitter part of an inline experience. Twitter, almost more than any other social media company out there, has a history of demanding uniformity of the user experience. Because of this, they've been particularly hard on third-party applications.

In June of 2011, Twitter unveiled their own photo-uploading service powered by Photobucket, which disenfranchised third-party photo-hosting services like Twitpic, Lockerz, and others.

There are also rumors floating around that Twitter also wants to host your videos.

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