Twitter Updates Its Mobile Apps With More Desktop Features

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The problem with developing mobile apps is that you have to add all the great features from the desktop version while preserving the mobile nature of said app. Various developers have tried and failed when adding new features to their mobile apps, but the latest update to Twitter's mobile app seems to get it right.

Twitter has been upgraded to version 4.3 on iOS and 3.3 on Android to bring you, the Tweeters, the latest and greatest innovations in mobile tweet technology. What you will see on display here are the efforts of Twitter's development team bringing more of the desktop experience to the mobile handsets that dominate more and more of our lives.

First up is an addition that I personally have been wanting for a while now - expanded Tweets. You may have noticed that the desktop version of Twitter allows you to watch YouTube videos linked within Tweets inside the tweet itself. That feature is now available on the mobile app so you don't have to open a separate app to get to the video, article or image that get Tweeted out.

Twitter Updates Mobile Apps

Search autocomplete has received a revamp that sees more results displayed while you're searching for that special somebody on Twitter. Search still supports real names and @usernames so you never have to use one or the other to get the results you want.

Humorously enough, Twitter has added a feature that I never knew I wanted until now. The app will now push notifications to your phone whenever somebody in particular Tweets. If you must get every Tweet from your favorite Twitter personality delivered straight to your phone, this is the place to do it. Just turn on push notifications for Tweets on any user profile's action button and you're good to go.

As a little added bonus, Twitter for iPhone is getting access to Twitter Events. It's a super cool feature that allows you to search for something, like say #NASCAR, during an event and you will receive all the major updates live from the event. Considering that Twitter users break the news more often mainstream media, it would be a great idea to use it for events like the Olympics this summer.

You can grab the new Twitter app from both the App Store and Google Play.