Twitter Typos Rarely Get Worse than This One from Obama's Communication Advisor

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Twitter typos can happen to anyone - and they frequently do. Seriously, I can't even count the times that I've tweeted about just how ducking mad I am about something. I blame my fat thumbs.

In a similar thumb screwup (I'm guessing), Senior Advisor to the President for Strategy and Communications Dan Pfeiffer found out the hard way that the "b" and "n" are really close to each other on your standard keyboard (right next to each other). It's probably one of the worst typos on Twitter that you could ever dream up. Well, it's more like a nightmare.

Yikes. Pfeiffer quickly deleted the tweet and issued an apology for the typo:

Although there seems to be nothing malicious going on here, just an unfortunate slip up, it does serve as a warning to everyone (especially those in and around higher office). Slow down those thumbs, brother.

Screenshot via Hypervocal, Lead Image via Maryland GovPics, Flickr Creative Commons

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