Twitter Tries to Boost Revenue With New $99 Subscription Plan

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Twitter is introducing a new way to help individuals, as well as small businesses, increase the reach of their posts outside of their current follower base. Called the "private beta program," it automatically promotes up to 10 tweets per day for a monthly subscription rate of $99. Of course, it is also the company’s attempt at increasing its revenue which has been declining recently.

With the automated promotion of tweets under the “private beta program,” the new service is aimed at individuals and small businesses which may not have the necessary skills to run their own marketing campaigns, according to Forbes. At the moment, though, it appears that the product is being offered by invitation only and is not yet aggressively marketed to everyone.

According to reports, there is a tracking system in place for those who wish to subscribe to the new service, which is free for the first month. Twitter will provide bi-weekly reports that detail growth of follower base as well as improvement in engagement.

There is one drawback to the new services, though. Users cannot choose which posts will be included in the daily promotional campaign offering up to 10 posts.

However, the monthly subscription does offer some flexibility in terms of targeting an audience. Users can choose their posts to target either a specific category such as sports or fashion or target them to users within a specific area like New York or Chicago. Twitter explained that they cannot support both target criteria simultaneously at the moment.

The company is under increasing pressure to increase its revenue after a disappointing second quarter performance. Twitter revealed that its second quarter advertising revenue fell by 8 percent to $489 million, though the figure is still better than the $451 million estimate.

Twitter is a popular platform among personalities in the entertainment industry and politics. Yet, its popularity has not translated into user growth. Second fiscal quarter reports showed 328 million users per month for the social media platform, a figure that remained unchanged since the first quarter.

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