Twitter Sells Past Tweets For Reference

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Twitter is now offering access to 30 days of historical tweets through Gnip. The service, called 30-Day Replay, would be a handy tool for companies that already keep an eye on their social media presence but need to do some comparisons to older items that they were not aware of.

Gnip describes the serve on their blog and offers this as an example of a handy use for the service;

“Imagine you run a consumer electronics company. You just launched a game-changing new smartphone that will make or break your company. Two weeks after the launch, you’re hearing stories about your new phone burning users while they’re using it. You see the odd Tweet here and there but aren’t sure what the scale of this problem is or how you should respond. You make a panicked call to the company who monitors social media for you and they tell you that they can start tracking for this going forward but since they only get a realtime stream of Twitter data, there’s nothing they can do to get the last 14 days worth of Tweets.”

Gnip offers services that help companies build social media tracking tools. Their pricing depends on the complexity of how you want to filter the results you take away from the Twitter "fire hose". They also offer access to data from Google Plus, Flickr, Facebook, YouTube and other sites.

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