Twitter Scam Preys On Draw Something Fans

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Twitter scams are nothing new, and their level of sophistication can vary. Sometimes, a scam user will just send out links to multiple other users offering some prize or ware. Sometimes, scam users will flood users with random links, with no explanation. The latest scam to hit Twitter is notable because it involves one of the most popular games currently on the market.

The world is addicted to Draw Something, the pictionary-meets-jumble mobile app that was just acquired by social gaming giant Zynga. Now, Sophos' Naked Security blog is warning of a scam that's using the massive popularity of the game to target people who mention the game in their tweets.

The scam works like a lot of other Twitter scams. Account that calls themselves "Draw Something" are sending around tweets @ people that say things like "Your a luck prize winner." If the poor grammar doesn't tell you anything, maybe the fact that they don't have any followers might.

Those tweets contain links that take users to a site, There, users are asked to begin a survey in order to claim their prize worth $500.

There, you're asked questions about your sex, age, and how often you play Draw Something. It's a typical survey scam - one which you're not going to win anything from, and is probably going to lead to someone taking your private information at some point. Just don't do it, it's a bad idea.

The accounts that link to this survey have been popping up and going down all day. A couple of the accounts with actual handles like @debbyfcc and @tawandauvw, have already been suspended.

FYI OMGPOP, makers of the game, have an official Twitter account. The game Draw Something does not.

Heads up everyone! There are some fake Draw Something accounts claiming to give away prizes, they are fake, please be careful! Please RT! 21 minutes ago via HootSuite ·  Reply ·  Retweet ·  Favorite · powered by @socialditto

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