Twitter: Over 20 Million Hurricane Sandy Tweets, Uptick in "Red Cross" and "Donate Blood"

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Twitter's official Twitter account has tweeted out some interesting stats about October 27 through November 1st, or the Saturday through Thursday encompassing Hurricane Sandy and its aftermath.

The big number: 20 million+. That's the number of Sandy-related tweets that Twitter registered in that time frame. As you might expect, the terms "Hurricane" and "Sandy" were the most commonly used terms in those six days.

By comparison, Twitter users only sent out just over 13 million during both the Democratic and Republican National Conventions, combined.

Twitter had its problems, with bad reporting and the subsequent viral spread of said bad reporting. But overall, Twitter served as a lifeline for many - a way to communicate that didn't jam cellular bandwidth like a voice call would've.

Here are some more stats from Twitter:

[Lead Image via NASA]
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