Twitter Oscars Index Tracks User Sentiment of Nominees

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Twitter has just unveiled a new sentiment tracker for this year's Oscar race, and it's called the "Twitter Oscars Index." The Index looks at the level of positive tweets surrounding nominees from the six biggest awards - Best Picture, Best Actress, Best Actor, Best Supporting Actress, Best Supporting Actor, and Best Director.

You can check out the interactive Index here. You'll be able to organize the Index based on each category, as well as each nominee. The Index shows sentiment over time, so you can compare how Twitter users felt about the nominees on any given day since they were announced by the Academy.

The score you see is a snapshot of the user sentiment at a particular time. Twitter analyzes tweets pertaining to each topic and compares the amount of positive tweets to the amount of positive tweets on all other topics on Twitter. So a score of 73 for Lincoln, for instance, means that tweets about Lincoln are more positive than 73% of all other tweets out there. It doesn't mean that public sentiment for Lincoln is 73% more positive than the other nominated films.

Still, you can get an idea on just how positive users are about each nominee compared to each other by looking at their Oscars Index score.

This should remind you of the Twitter Political Index, which the site launched before the 2012 President election. It also gave the candidates scores based on their popularity as compared to all other tweets on the network. It's clear that Oscar-nominated films, actors, and directors are much more popular than politicians. Both Obama and Romney's index score hovered around the 20s and 30s for most of the pre-election period, while most of the Academy Award nominees boast scores over 50, many in the 70s 80s and 90s.

"Awards season also brings out the armchair film critic in many of us, as we rattle off our personal picks and pans, and predict who will take home that coveted award at the end of February. The Twitter Oscars Index offers a way to measure those discussions that happen on Twitter, and provide insight for all those closely following the exciting Oscar races. While the next six weeks are sure to be filled with crystal ball predictions of how the illustrious Academy members will vote, the Twitter Oscars Index provides another dimension to the story: the voice of the fans," says Twitter.

But as we're all well aware, the voice of the fans oftentimes clashes with the voice of the Academy. Beloved films are often left out in the cold, and less-beloved films are often given the top accolades.

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