Twitter Nascar TV Spot Promotes Hashtag Pages During the Pocono 400

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Yesterday, Twitter grabbed the attentions of Nascar fans when they released their new television ad featuring their corresponding page. The ad ran during the Pocono 400 race and featured driver Brad Keselowski (who placed 24th in the race) snapping a pic with his iPhone.

What's interesting (and different) is the hashtag featured in the commercial doesn't just attach itself to just a keyword, it's a web address. What viewers saw was TWITTER.COM/#NASCAR, and if you follow that tag/address it leads you to the Nascar-branded hashtag page I mentioned above.

Take a look at the ad:

The new hashtag page was announced last week on Twitter's blog. The idea, as far as the Nascar page goes, is to brings fans closer to the race and give them an insider's view on what's happening with the drivers and others closely related to the race.

Twitter comments on their blog post last Thursday:

Anyone watching the Pocono 400 on Sunday -- even if you’re not a current Twitter user -- can visit watch the race unfold from every angle, and get insider access to all the places the cameras can’t take you. For example, teams will update you with information about how their car is performing in the race and what their strategy will be when they come into pit road. You’ll also see photos from the pit and read what the drivers and spotters are saying in the heat of the moment.

Of course, it's an excellent idea for Twitter to position themselves as an interface between the Nascar brand and their fans like this. Not only does it help promote a higher degree of engagement for users/fans, it also adds a lot of value to the Twitter brand itself.

Another great aspect of a Nascar page is the hundreds related brands which can also be positioned in the stream of the conversation. The feed features tweets from Ford Racing, Toyota Racing, Stewart-Haas, ESPN, and many more.

Check a few more Twitter spots featuring Nascar: