Twitter Music Is Dead: App Removed, Service Goes Dark on April 18th

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In news that is unlikely to affect most of you, Twitter has decided to give up on Twitter Music, the company's trending music app that they launched last April. It's been nearly a year since Twitter Music went live to the masses after a lengthy beta period (with celebrity testers), and in that year the app has failed to pick up much of a user base.

Twitter Music took to Twitter to announce that they would be removing the app from the App Store and that the service would officially shut down on April 18th.

At its core, Twitter Music was a music discovery app that allowed users to find new music based on their own Twitter activity and the popular activity of others. At launch, Twitter said that it would "change the way people find music."

A big part of the service was the #NowPlaying feature, which saw Twitter surfacing tracks that people were currently tweeting about–an attempt to get the Twitterverse listening together. Twitter Music also recommended songs and artists based on your Twitter data. Once you found a song you wanted to stream, Twitter Music would let you do so via Rdio or Spotify, as well as iTunes previews.

Twitter Music was engendered through Twitter's acquisition of music discovery app We Are Hunted.

And now it's no more.

Nobody should be too surprised by this development, considering Twitter has been thinking about shutting it down for a while. After a strong debut, Twitter Music plunged from the app charts and everyone basically forgot about it.

In the end, Twitter Music will be seen as a misstep for a company that doesn't make too many missteps. To be honest, it felt like Twitter gave up on Twitter Music around the same time the rest of us did. I'd believe the Twitter Music team, however, when they say that they are still looking at ways to highlight the activity surrounding music on the network. There's simply too much music-related content on Twitter to not utilize it.

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