Twitter Local Trends Come To New Indian Cities

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Twitter trends are used by people in a variety of ways - whether it's to jump into the discussion on a popular topic or to gauge the pulse of a particular area. For those concerned about the latter, Twitter's local trends categorization allows them to see what people are talking about worldwide, in particular countries, and in particular cities.

Now, Twitter has added a few new cities to that list from which people can categorize trending topics, and the particular cities that they've added have the ability to increase Twitter use in a highly populated corner of the globe.

Now, users can see what topics are hot in five new Indian cities: Ahmedabad, Chennai, Bangalore, Delhi, and Hyderabad. The only Indian city on the local trends list before was Mumbai. points out a recent comScore report that shows just how slow Twitter is to take off in India. Total unique visitors to the site has yet to really grow over the course of the last year and a half, and has hovered just above 3 million per month for the last few months. They also point out that in terms fo search volume (Google), Twitter has failed to even beat a service like Orkut.

Further localization could be the key. The more specific that users can boil down the Twitter trends, the more it will feel like they apply to their lives. In the same way that worldwide Twitter trends aren't always that applicable to particular regions, trends across the whole of India might not be particularly applicable to certain regions of the country (it's a pretty big place). Adding specific cites to the local trends choices could help Indian Twitter users warm up to the service.

Back in September, 2011, Twitter added Hindi to their official list of supported languages.

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