Twitter Is Building Its Own Official Windows 8 App

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Over the past week, Microsoft has made it clear that Windows 8 is built around the individual. The sentiment was even stronger during its Windows Phone 8 event. Part of appealing to the individual is a strong connection with social media which Microsoft showed off with a Facebook app. Strangely enough, Twitter was nowhere to be found.

Despite being one of the most popular social networks on the planet, Windows 8 still does not have an official Twitter app. There are third party apps that allow users to view their Twitter feed or post updates, but it's still lacking the all important official app. Twitter announced that it's working on it.

The tweet is a little ambiguous in regards to Twitter's plans for Windows 8. It came from Twitter's mobile division so it would be safe to assume that the app is being made for Windows Phone 8. Of course, Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 share the same core so the app would work on any Windows 8 device.

As The Next Web points out, it's unknown what form the Twitter app will take at this point. It most likely will be built with the Windows 8 Metro design in mind. It would be a drastic departure from what Twitter usually looks like on other mobile devices, but that's the point of Windows 8. Microsoft is encouraging app developers to completely rethink how their apps look and function.

Twitter was already a pretty unique platform, but a Windows 8 app could take things in a really cool direction. A lot of the apps that haven't yet made the switch to Windows 8 could take on some pretty interesting forms. The lineup of Windows 8 apps that were released at or near launch are proving that.

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