Twitter Gives Conversion Tracking To All Advertisers

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Twitter just announced the general availability of conversion tracking for its advertising platform. This gives marketers a measurement and reporting tool to help them get a better idea of just how effective their Twitter campaigns are.

Twitter has been testing the feature in beta for a few months, and says the results have been "encouraging". One advertiser was able to drive purchases with a 65% lower CPA thanks to conversion tracking.

"Let’s say a shoe retailer wants to measure how a specific Promoted Tweet campaign drove purchases on their website," explains product manager Abhishek Shrivastava. "Using conversion tracking, the retailer would create a 'purchase' conversion tag and place it on their purchase confirmation page. When a user reaches that page, the tag reports to Twitter that a purchase event has occurred. Twitter then matches that event against the set of users who have viewed or engaged with any valid Promoted Tweet campaign. Campaign analytics report the total number of users that converted and cost per action (CPA) without identifying who viewed or engaged with the Promoted Tweet, allowing the advertiser to focus on the campaigns that are driving the most cost-effective purchases."

Conversion tracking

"A key benefit of conversion tracking is that it gives you a full view of conversion attribution, how Twitter-specific engagements and impressions lead to conversions," Shrivastava adds. "An attribution window is the maximum time window to credit Twitter between when a Promoted Tweet interaction happens and a conversion event occurs on your website. Attribution windows can be set separately for both post-engagement and post-view conversions. Post-engagement conversion includes not only attribution to URL clicks, which many other platforms offer, but also Tweet expands, Retweets, replies, favorites, or follows that a user performs on a Promoted Tweet before converting. Post-view conversion accounts for when a user simply views an ad and later converts on your website."

Conversion tracking is available to all Twitter advertisers effective immediately.

Twitter is rapidly adding features to its ad platform now that it's a public company. Earlier this week, Twitter announced general availability of Promoted Accounts for the timeline. Last week, it added broad match to its keyword targeting feature.

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