Twitter Expands Tweet Pages to Include More Replies (and Replies to Replies)

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Twitter has just made an improvement to individual tweet pages that, to be honest, has been a long time coming. Now, users can scroll thorough every single reply made to a tweet, even if that tweet garnered dozens and dozens of replies.

Before, any single tweet page would only contain a handful of replies - even if the tweet received tons more. Starting today, you can simply keep scrolling down to see all replies.

Not only that, but you can also click each reply to see the replies to those original replies.

As Twitter points out, this functionality is especially useful when a popular user with tons of followers posts a tweets that asks for replies. Take for instance this tweet from Jimmy Fallon, who asked users to tweet embarrassing admissions with a particular hashtag.

You can now keep scrolling down to see more replies that you could before:

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