The Twitter Election Comes to a Close

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Twitter says that people in the U.S. sent 1 billion Tweets about the election since the primary debates began in August of last year. That's a lot of tweets!

Donald Trump, who has over 13 million Twitter followers and Hillary Clinton, who has 10.2 million followers have both used Twitter to attack each other and to motivate their base. Trump in particular has been prolific on Twitter, usually tweeting 5-15 times per day.

Trump, just yesterday in Pennsylvania, told a huge crowd attending his rally, that many of his events are only scheduled the day before, and he simply sends out a tweet and thousands show up. The power of Twitter in politics this year has been phenomenal.

Clinton has also used Twitter effectively and has the most retweeted tweet between the two candidates:

Of course, tweets can be both good and bad. Here are graphs that Twitter put out showing the number of tweets over the course of the campaign:



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